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So I did my research cause I was ready to change my look I'm a mother of 2 beautiful girls and I knew it was time to spoil myself so I decided to go and get my breast augmentation I didn't do so much research because one of my friends had gotten work done by dr Gutierrez so I went to go see him had our consultation i loved how he explain everything to me so i set my appt for April 5,2012 (under the muscle/ bottom nipple ) 745cc my scaring was minimal it's so light around my nipple u cant even see it I love how they look so natural but still big . Dr Gutierrez did a d awesome job I got to say Best plastic surgeon in Tijuana ,bc I recommend him to anybody who is ready to get work done , I'm very happy with my result I used to be 34b now I'm a 36dd I love my twins Corazón negro (cartas) and. Thank you again Dr. Gutierrez ..



I highly recommend Dr. Manuel Gutierrez. I am very happy with the results of my surgery. He is a professional and highly skilled plastic surgeon and artist as well. My husband and I met with Dr. Gutierrez for my consultation. We were so impressed with him that I decided to look no further and undoubtedly chose him to do my procedures. His professionalism and the ways in which he explained everything made me feel at ease. He answered all of my questions with kindness and patience. I love how he transformed the areas of my body that I felt so insecure about. Dr. Gutierrez helped me achieved what I wanted and more.


My husband and I would also like to thank Dr. Harris, the reception desk staff, the office staff and Nurse Sarita. Everyone made us feel very much at home.


My entire experience (from consultation to post op) exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Dr. Gutierrez to anyone considering plastic surgery. Dr. Gutierrez is wonderful!


Thank you Dr. Gutierrez!

Lorena Z.





Dr. Gutierrez and staff:


I had to write to say thank you for my new lease on life.  I was feeling tired and old!  I had begun to act out both.  After receiving my 

refreshing new younger look created by Dr. Gutierrez I walk with my head held high and feel as though I'm wearing the most beautiful diamond necklace!  I can't express my gratitude enough for what you have done for me.


You and your loving staff gave me the attention and care to ease all my concerns.  I will tell my friends that I believe and it easily evident that Dr. Gutierrez and staff are deeply concerned about my concerns and PAINLESSLY resolved the issues I wanted resolved.  Dr. Gutierrez and Dr. Harris worked together like a hand in glove.  Dr. Gutierrez is an artist.


Thank you, thank you.

Most sincerely, Barbara Hardy


Omg I got to say thank you to dr. Gutierrez my boobs look amazing I'm very happy with them there just how I wanted therm I've showed a few friends and they love how perfect he did . Hope to see you soon . 



March 21st,2012.

Best doctor ever and thats no lie! In some days to come I\'m going to post a video about him and his staff and my b4 and after photos! Him and his staff help out kids for free! Hes kind of like and angel...


Dear Dr. Gutierrez and Staff


I want to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with the results of my recent surgery. After many month of research and being told I was making a mistake going to Mexico for my surgery, \"NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH\". From the day I was picked up at the airport by your driver Fernando to the day I left, I felt very safe. Your staff was so pleasant and kind, I felt like I was at home. I was so pleased with your bedside manner and caring attitude. My results are very natural looking, and if I say so myself, I look years younger and finally have a butt. Again, thank you for your talanted hands and see you at my next procedure. Feel free to give my phone # if requested.а

Love Gerri


Before After



"Dr. Manuel Gutierrez is the best. I had an excellent result. His Patient Coordinators are so helpful and sweet. His nurses and staff are great. I live in the US and it was scary at first finding a Dr. in another country, but you have nothing to worry about with Dr. Gutierrez. He really, really cares about you, your result, and your welfare. You can see his office from the border. It's only a very short walk (less than a half a block). He really pampers you and wants you to be safe. Depending on your surgery, his fees include spending the night and his nurses take the best care of you all night, bringing you ice and your medication. He has a driver and this is a fabulous service so you don't have to worry. He is truly a wonderful person and an excellent surgeon. I think with Dr. Manuel Gutierrez, you are more pampered and taken better care of your first 24 hours than in the US. I love Dr Gutierrez and have recommended him to family, because I know they will have an amazing result, be safe, and have first class treatment."  







11 years ago my best friend and I got breast implants together on the same day. 
Dr. Gutierrez Romero has always been very nice & caring.
From the start of our procedure 11 years ago he has been a dedicated Doctor to his practice & patients. Today I brought another friend with me to get her breast implants, she was amazed with her consultation and Doctor's Gutierrez professionalism and knowledge of breast implants. I highly recommend him to everyone I know who is thinking of getting any type of surgery.
To this day men can not tell if they are real or fake!!!!!!

Porscha Gaines



Hi there ......I would like to thank Dr. Gutierrez and staff for changing my life tremendously!!!  My tummy tuck is the best thing i've ever done for myself.  For a long time i had that kangaroo pouch in the front (sagging belly).  I had to literally tuck and squeeze my stomach in a pair of jeans or an uncomfortable hot girdle.  I can go out now with confidence to know that...I AM PRETTY!!  He did a great job!  The clinic was very clean and safe.  I've been to Tijuana on 4 separate occasions.  I did not know they did lap-bands, so mine was done at a different clinic.  But i met a lady there (Dr Gutierrez's clinic)  who had hers done there and lost over 100 pounds!  I had a arm reduction, a cheek lift,  love handles removed, lypo in chin, and hips, my own fat placed under my eyes to rid sunken eye sockets, and of course my favorite...the tummy tuck!  I still can't get over how great i look in a snug fitting t-shirt and my Levi's jeans.......If you want to see my progress, you can go to my facebook page at  jamaelajennings and i'm also in the Dr's facebook friends....GOODLUCK!!!!!.......................
                                                                                                                                                                                        Jamaela Jennings


Nancy and I are very pleased at the results of Dr. Gutierrez’s cosmetic surgery on both of us as well as the treatment we received from the staff. We couldn’t be more pleased. If you want testamonials we would be very happy to do it. Dr. Gutierrez wanted to meet with us after we completely healed up and I have completely healed up and Nancy will soon.


Honestly I haven’t been this excited in years and after having 3 face lifts this was by far the best and the Dr. is the best in my book. No one else will get our business. We have been bragging to friends and hope somehow you will realize more business because of it.

 You deserve it!!!



Lawrence Hull
661 266-5380





My first surgery (Breast Augmentation) was performed by a top-popular surgeon in Beverly Hills; 2 years later my breast had sagginess and had loose skin. I needed a new surgery to fix my problem; a friend recommended Dr.Gutierrez Romero and I am glad she did.


Not only did Dr. Gutierrez Romero fix my problem with a lift and smaller implants; he made my breast amazing!! Very natural looking, excellent job!!


Ever since my surgery I recommended Dr. Gutierrez to several friends and family, and just like me, they’re completely satisfied and happy with the results.

Yadira Arizmendi


My Testimonial  



I don't think I looked this good thirty years ago! I want to thank all of you for your kindness. My experience could not have been any better. Hopefully, Jim and I will be able to come back and visit (or perhaps another procedure?) In just a few months all the numbness went away. One week after my face-lift, I felt comfortable enough to go out in public. Long time friends that did not know that I was getting the procedure saw me a couple months back, it wasn't until I spoke to them that they realized it was me. I was told that they thought it was my younger sister!!! I don't even have a younger sister. I compared school pictures and my last year picture looks more like an "old" lady, side by side it looks like mother and daughter I am the daughter.


I cannot express enough my thanks for your expert care and Dr. Romero's skilled hands and above all desire to create beauty from a very rough piece of clay. I can't wait for you to see the after pictures!!! I am so pleased. All my friends are jealous - Tee Hee


Thank you again. It is nice to know that I received what I was told I would and then some.


Linda L. Pflug


PS: Jim feels like he is going to get arrested. He has been asked if I am his granddaughter!! We both are so pleased. Old age, I have found the fountain of youth and it's in Tijuana





Tammy Storrie - Testimonial







I could not be more pleased with my results from my breast augmentation that I had on Jan 31 2011. I was very nervous about the whole thing, especially going to a different country to have it done. As soon as I met Dr Gutierrez and his wonderful staff my thoughts completely changed! I was very comfortable and I felt safe. It was the best choice I ever made. I look forward to going back in the future, Dr Gutierrez you have changed my life for the better! Thank you so much! You are an amazing doctor, and I recommend you to anyone who is interested in having any kind of procedure done! Thankyou again!

Sophie Agushi





I am Thrilled with the results of my Rhinoplasty, chin augmentation and brow lift. Dr. Manuel Gutierrez is very professional and friendly. I felt very comfortable and confident in his abilities during each of our consultations and every time we spoke via e-mail.

Everyone on his staff is truly wonderful and they made me feel like family.

I highly recommend Dr. Manuel Gutierrez.
Brittany Stone



Dr. Manuel Gutierrez did a great job on my tummy tuck and liposuction. He continues to show interest in how I am doing each time I see him. I feel confident with his surgical abilities.



I would like to tell you that I am very pleased with my results from my breast Augmentation and face lift performed by Dr. Manuel Gutierrez in December 20th.


I will certainly recommend him with all my friends

Thank you




Its been 11 months since my surgery and I have had nothing less than a great experience. The staff was wonderful and very patient before,during,and after my procedure.


I was recommended  by a family to Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero. I wanted and researched this procedure for many years. Dr. Gutierrez was the best Dr out there. So thanks to the Doc and all of his staff.



I feel happy, different, and very optimistic; it is a life changing experience.

I am very grateful with Dr. Gutierrez and all of his staff all of them are very nice and Professional.

I felt very comfortable around everybody, I received the best care.
My husband is very very happy with the results.
Thank you very much Dr. Gutierrez for changing my life.
I feel like a new me !!!

Yolanda Ruiz



I am very thankful to Dr Gutierrez for the fabulous transformation he made in me 4 years ago.

When I came in for consultation the first time, Dr. Gutierrez was able to answer all my concerns regarding the procedure that he was going to perform. I was tired of people telling me that I looked 10 years older than I actually was. I am 50 years old, and after the surgery people think that I am in my early 30’s.

My friends with my appearance were so impressed with my appearance that some of them became Dr. Gutierrez patients and have and have been absolutely satisfied with the results. I completely trust Dr. Gutierrez that I even entrusted my husband to him.

My husband is delighted with the outstanding performance.
Dr. Gutierrez is not only a talented plastic Surgeon, but also a friend that knows how to work with every patient to a personal level.



Torrence California





I am a physician assistant who lives and practices in southern California.   I've wanted a breast lift for many years now, and began seriously considering it for about seven years. I have consulted with about six or seven surgeons here in the US, including one who practices in Mexico. As I continued looking for a surgeon and researching the procedure, I came across Dr. Gutierrez's website. I was amazed to see videos of actual surgeries being performed by Dr. Gutierrez, something I'd never seen before.  As I continued to browse his website, I learned more about him. Dr. Gutierrez has years of training and experience as a board certified cosmetic surgeon. You can verify this very easily yourself. By reading about him on the website, I was able to get a good idea about his philosophy of practicing medicine.


Besides breadth of knowledge and expertise, one of the most important aspects of practicing medicine is the ability to listen, communicate effectively, build rapport, and gain the trust of your patients.  After browsing the website, and speaking to Dr. Gutierrez, I quickly realized that he possessed all of these qualities.  I felt confident in Dr. Gutierrez, and decided that he would be my surgeon. That month I scheduled my first surgery, a breast lift with augmentation. I expressed to Dr. Gutierrez my concern with scaring, and was astounded to realize after the surgery that he was able to perform the procedure through the nipple and areola without having to make the traditional anchor shaped incision that I dreaded, but was willing to accept in order to have my breast lift. This most certainly exceeded my expectations!  I am more than delighted with the outcome of the surgery and the way my breasts look now.  In addition to his surgical skills and ability to connect with his patients, Dr. Gutierrez is very artistic and has good eye for aesthetic appeal.  He is adept at explaining the procedure, answering questions, and being honest about whether your expectations for the outcome of your surgery are realistic.  His staff are very welcoming, and strives to make you as comfortable as possible.  The facility is immaculate, as you would expect to find in any hospital or medical practice.  Overall I must say that my expectations were exceeded, and I am looking forward to asking Dr. Gutierrez to perform a mini face lift on me in the spring.




PS: You may ask for my e-mail or my phone # for further information


Thank you again so much to all of you for the way you treat your patients.  I would have never expected that from anyone.
All of you are so kind and caring. 

Love Dr. Gutierrez, I can never thank him enough.  I have never in my life met someone as beautiful as him.  He has a beautiful heart, because he loves our heavenly father.  That is why he is so successful, and he will continue to succeed because of his love for our father and people.  It was a great pleasure to have all of you come into my life. 
Thanks Ms. G.R.

I had a mommy makeover surgery with Dr. Manuel Gutierrez on August 24th, 2010.

My procedures were very successful my breast are firm and just the way I envisioned them to be. Dr. Gutierrez was very thorough and descriptive regarding each procedure before during and after surgery. He comes highly recommended by me.

I will have 3 more procedures with him over the next two years. I am very thankful to have found him as my surgeon. His staff is very courteous and professional; his driver Fernando was always available to drive us to and from the airport. And the nursing staff was very compassionate.

If you are considering having any cosmetic procedures done at all, I would recommend having Dr. Manuel  Gutierrez  perform the procedures. He is very knowledgeable. Not to mention that his prices are reasonable.


Angela A. Williams
Las Vegas, Nevada



I would like to describe to you a little bit about my experiences with Dr. Romero and his wonderful staff here at ESTHETICOS in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.  Let us start with a little background about myself. All my life I had suffered with Gynecomastia which is an abnormal enlargement of the male breast glands. I have also suffered with excess fat around my belly area which I could never lose no matter how much I exercised or dieted. Finally after so many years of feeling unhappy with how I looked physically, I gathered up the courage to finally go about having surgery to improve my appearance. Naturally I contacted doctors in the local San Francisco Bay Area where I live, and it seemed as though all of the doctors did not have time to meet with me or were not interested with my condition. So I began searching around online and I found Dr. Romero’s office. I emailed his office about my concerns and within 20 minutes Celina had e-mailed me back. I called the office and Celina took the time to listen to me and she understood my fears and concerns as I have never had any kind of plastic surgery before. Because I am very busy and have very little time, Dr. Romero asked me to send some photos of my chest and abdominal areas. He assured me that he could rid the larger male breasts which I have had all my life and that I would be well taken care of in his office.


            I still felt nervous about the entire situation, but I did not want to live my life feeling bad about how I looked physically. Within 2 weeks I was in Dr. Romero’s office having my Gynecomastia condition corrected and some lipo on my love handles.  When I finally took my bandages off, I could not believe the results. It was amazing. My male breasts were gone as well as my love handles. I was so pleased with my surgery that I returned 6 months later to have a Tummy Tuck.  I had spent years wearing baggy jeans and black t-shirts to hide my condition. Now I was buying shirts and jeans of normal sizes as now I did not have anything to hide about my body.  The change that I experienced in Dr. Romero’s care, was not just a physical improvement, it was a mental improvement. With a better body, I have never felt so confident in myself and what I can do and accomplish in my life.  This change improved my life forever. I feel better, physically, mentally, and feel good about who I am.  I  am now stronger in every possible way. My greatest regret was having so much fear and self-doubt and not getting surgery done years ago.  Don’t let fear stop you from being the person you dream of being. Don’t be afraid of “what could be”. Don’t let fear and negativity stop you from being the person you aspire to be.


Andrew M.

Santa Clara, California

I had my tummy tuck procedure in April 2010 The experience was wonderful and very professional. They walked me through step by steps on exactly what was to be done.

The outcome was phenomenal. I love it and recommend anyone who needs this done to have it.


Dr Manuel Gutierrez Romero and the staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable of the surgery that I have had. I am here Again, seven months later, getting my lipo done and will surely be back again.


This was a life changing surgery for me. But the best and far more Dr. Manuel Gutierrez is the best I have ever imagined!!! Very professional, caring, concerned with your needs and there’s no words to explain what a wonderful surgeon he is. His team is outstanding, his facility is wonderful. The after care was exceptional. I highly recommend Dr. Gutierrez.


He is definitely a 5 star in my book!!!
By the way I look fantastic!!!!



Thank you so much for today. You are an amazing doctor as well as a genuine person.I will refer my friends/relatives to you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. I am so pleased with my results.

Erin Hanley
Encinitas, CA


I went to see Dr. Gutierrez on the advice of a friend and I had a further appointment with another plastic surgeon that same day. After speaking to the doctor for some time, I was so impressed with his ability to listen to my needs and empathize with them, his totally professional manner, and the cleanliness of his environment and the impact of his own personality that I believed in his expertise and ability and so I immediately cancelled my other appointment and agreed to have the surgery the next day.

My further meetings with Dr. Gutierrez compounded my previous feelings of confidence, ability and empathy from him and I would heartily recommend him without hesitation to anyone seeking plastic surgery.




Palm Desert.













About Dr Manuel Gutierrez Romero


Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez Romero came from a family of doctors. His father was a professor at the UABC medical school for 25 years in the area of infectious disease. His mother is a M.D. in the area of family practice. The passion for medicine and patient care runs in the family, and because of this Dr. Gutierrez enrolled himself in medical school at the age of 18. At this time, he told himself – “Some day I will be a plastic and reconstructive surgeon”.


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